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This mural makes a commitment to strive towards racial justice as a community and centers the hope that young people bring to the movement because their voice matters. The students featured in the mural are (left to right) Lola Alonge, Jaylen Bailey, and Nailah Robinson.

Community members are encouraged to add their voice to the mural with the chalk provided. We believe art should be interactive and community involved. So please, visit the Woodbury Junior-Senior High School front lawn and add your voice to this free-standing mural.

The artists who created this piece are De’von Downes and Loren Dann of the South Jersey Artist Collective. Dann says, “adolescents thrive with art, and deserve to be seen. The outside of the school made no representation to the voices inside. With the back in chalk paint this interactive mural allows students to express themselves and their ideas.” Downes feels it is important “that kids are able to see themselves as more than just child and student but as people with feelings and voices. To be able to see themselves in such a light that nothing can dim them- as chances for hope and change.”

Woodbury Heart & Soul, a program of the FAF Coalition, is a catalyst for positive change by actively seeking the collective wisdom of all residents, including those whose voices are often missing. We want to know what matters most to you, hopes and concerns, and ideas for action in Woodbury. Share your story with us today, because your voice matters.

Kaitlin Rattigan

Kaitlin Rattigan

Kaitlin Rattigan(she/her), Program Coordinator, has worked to address various societal injustices ranging from LGBTQIA+ advocacy, to racial justice work, to gender equity, to most recently labor organizing for worker’s rights.