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“Woodbury Station Cafe”
sitting on the bench dreaming

by Linda R Wright

Days of youth
quietly re-awakened
Soft rustling autumn leaves
slowly dancing from treetops,
baptized again and again
by gentle rains invoking remembrance

Sitting leisurely, our ghosts of past,
that Spring’s innocence of then …
excitedly watching
the train of life speed by
on the long steel tracks…to somewhere

The lonely forgotten train station
standing the test of time,
gave shelter
on busy Saturday afternoons
to our youth,
taking advantage
of the long bench’s comforting arms
Welcoming us to rest,
waving to the conductor in hopes,
a return wave of recognition,
enhancing our joy
over such a small trivial thing
as he had done many times before

Years passed
The train traveled to somewhere
…. and so did we

In the Autumn of our years,
we returned ….
After years of neglect
and those forgotten dreams of youth,
a dazzling diamond along the tracks
greeted us with enthusiastic memory

Liken the lady she is,
surrounded by nature’s ornaments,
she offers the same warmth,
inviting us
into her inner walls of times past
to reflect and dream again

We are all onboard that train
on our golden journey … to somewhere
looking out the windows,
waving to the youth ….
that was us


One Comment

  • Linda R Wright says:

    I used to sit on this bench with my girlfriend’s back in the 1960’s after shopping in Woodbury.
    After visiting a few weeks ago, a few of us met up there, now a wonderful cafe…oh, the memories it brought back!