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If you’ve ever been to Woodbury during the summer in the last few years then you know exactly what I’m talking about when you hear me say “LOT 323”

The summer pop-up park, spearheaded by The FAF Coalition, has been one of Woodbury’s most incredible annual events since 2014. On Friday nights between June and August you can come out to a public space that’s designed to capture Woodbury’s heart and soul. Live music, games, food trucks, wine & beer; and as of last year there’s been an even stronger presence of the arts including live paintings, clothesline displays, and an enormous interactive mural right at the center of it all.

(Pictures of the north and south facing sides of the mural at LOT 323 by Runnemede artist J. Kenneth Leap)

While the COVID-19 pandemic forced us all into our homes last summer, as restrictions loosened the community came back together in full force for 2021 at LOT 323! Woodbury Heart & Soul joined along to connect with our neighbors and chat with them about what matters most. Over the three weeks we set up at LOT 323, we asked the community three simple but extremely important questions: 

  • How would you describe Woodbury in three words?
  • How would you describe what you’d like Woodbury to look like in five years?
  • What is your favorite Woodbury memory?

From these three simple questions over three weeks we got 170 individual responses! These stories that you shared with us included descriptions of Woodbury as “community,” “potential,” “home,” and “diverse.” In five years the community told us that Woodbury would have more stores, an ice cream shop, and better appreciation for the arts. And some of the greatest memories you shared were about all aspects of community life including walking down Broad Street, the Wood Theatre, and kids playing in the local neighborhoods. 

We also had great activities for our youth, asking them the same questions, but with some more creative & interactive end results!

We’re so excited to explore our community in Phase 2 and look forward to staying connected as the work continues!