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By: Nailah Robinson

The swish… a red bullseye… the golden arches… even without brand names attached we recognize these logos as representing Nike, Target, and McDonald’s respectively. All three are examples of how an effective logo can speak for a brand.

So what about Woodbury Heart and Soul – a South Jersey community development program? What image could possibly characterize it?

Heart and Soul is more than an organization located in Gloucester County, NJ and our driven team of Heart and Soul members wanted to represent that. But how?

Rick Clemmons knew. He proposed a heart inside of a multi-colored circle.

The circular multi-color graphic best communicates the notion of different cultures combined abstractly and simply,” said Clemmons, an Oklahoma-based creative design and marketing business owner..

While Clemmons successfully captured what Heart and Soul was hoping to represent, it took about 10 days and around five different logo designs before narrowing it down to two.

Next, a decision had to be made…

By having multiple meetings – some in committees, others with the full team – a system was utilized: discuss and vote.  Members shared their thoughts about each logo design and what it meant to them. Afterwards, they cast their vote.

Once the logo was finalized, a few members of our team participated in recording a logo unveiling video that was uploaded to our social media platforms. Viewers are able to learn about the process of establishing a logo and what the image meant to the Heart & Soul team.

You can watch the unveiling video here: and listen to the podcast episode here:–Soul-evna7b